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Although Rajshahi King’s team is well-prepared for the title of the title of Mirage’s title. In the first match of the BPL, five runs were fined for “fake fielding” against Rangpur Riders. The name of the cricketer responsible for this incident is Mehedi Hasan Miraz But the Padmaprasad team won the last win with Mustafiz Jute and won the match.”fake fielding” is not new to cricket, but it is fine fine. In order to mislead the batsmen to make runs, Cricket Law Act MCC started the Act almost a year and a half ago. According to Section 41.5 of the Act, if someone wants to go to the field, then he has to score five runs in fielding. But Bangladesh Cricket is for the first time to be seen. In the 12th over of the Rangpur innings, the ball ran as the Miraz created a square square area. If you do not get the ball, turn away from the ball and send the fielder back. Slide refers to a throw of umpires Immediately, he scored five runs. Miraz knew the law, perhaps after it was finished, umpires did not play fielding, they probably failed. The team captain is only 135, if the captain gives bonus to the opponent, aiming for five runs.

But in the last over of Mustafiz, the last laugh of Miriz’s team has been laughing, his team won a big margin, some of which were strong opponents.

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